JIS: Craig Gass Joins The Show

The Josh Innes Show show

Summary: Our friend Craig Gass joins Josh today. <br><br>Craig was up at the radio station promoting his appearance at a Nashville club, so Josh talked with the comedian for an hour about a plethora of topics. <br><br>There will be occasional snippets from the radio portion of the interview, but the rest is exclusive to the JIS podcast. <br><br>Craig and Josh discussed:<br><br>NFL Radio stories<br>Craig's admiration for Josh<br>Dave Chappelle Getting Attacked<br>How Craig Became Opening Act For Metallica <br>The Radio Industry and Stories About Being Fired<br>Craig's Relationship With George Carlin <br><br>Of course we got a chance to hear all the classic Craig Gass voices such as Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Lars Ulrich, George Carlin, Christopher Walken and Sam Kinison.