Wire Taps 234—UK-based African immigrant focused on sustainability. France-based African immigrant debating whether to pursue the MBA. US-based Latina, going HBS or bust

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast show

Summary: Alex and Graham began this 150th episode of Wire Taps (podcast episode 234 overall) by reviewing some of the show's “greatest hits”. A huge thankyou to our listening audience for making this podcast a pleasure to produce, record, and share each week! Beyond the fanfare of a milestone episode, Alex highlighted more waitlist movement, and the anticipation of further activity in this area as Stanford and Chicago / Booth’s decision releases are due this upcoming week. Graham highlighted a new admissions tip which focuses on the role of supplemental course work (aka transcript repair); this includes a deep-dive look at HBS CORe and MBA Math. Your hosts also discussed our new initiative regarding reviews, you can add yours here: https://bit.ly/clearadmitreviews  Graham then highlighted the ongoing Application Overview workshop series he is hosting. This upcoming week includes Stanford, London Business School and UCLA Anderson. Signups are here: https://tinyurl.com/clearadmitevents For the WireTaps portion of the show, Alex picked out three ApplyWire entries: First up is a candidate who is focused on the environment and water management, both academically and through her career. She is a first generation African immigrant to the UK. She has really good goals that fit well with her profile. Essentially a lot to like, if she can perform well on the GRE. This week's second candidate is another first-generation applicant, originally from Morocco, now based in France. He is debating whether to pursue another masters program now, in France, or wait a few years to target top MBA programs around the world (Alex and Graham push for the latter choice). Finally Alex picks a candidate who is also first-generation (a theme this week!), who is targeting Harvard Business School only. Graham and Alex strongly advise her to also consider a few more programs which can absolutely help her in terms of her goals. This episode was recorded in Cornwall, England and Paris, France. It was produced, engineered, and cared for by Dennis Crowley in glorious West Philadelphia. Thanks for listening and please tell at least three people to tune in!