S01E93: Boost Cherry

Behind the SchƎmƎs show

Summary: Vlad The Mower Our Air Smells Like Shit The Mighty Gunghis Make That Thing Talk BTS brings all things weird, for it's a great night for the End of Times. 50 ways we learned how to say I told you so, and buckle up for part two of the infamous Kyle Odom Manifesto. You may know how to crucify, but do you know why? Take a leisure break down at the temple but mind the crocodiles; it's a battle royale at the coliseum! Please, I need to drink water. The condemned man is pissed. BYO3-DG ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes) If you like what you heard here, check out our revue show! ms. informed NAtion Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s https://www.behindthesch3m3s.com/