#200: Ranking PlayStation 4's 25 Best Games

Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast show

Summary: It's a celebration! Our PlayStation podcast-that-could has reached its 200th week of existence, which of course means its 200th core episode is here. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, we decided to do thing proper-like, renting out a famous theater in Richmond, Virginia entertainers much more talented than us typically play, and recording live in front of 400+ fans. The topic? PlayStation 4's 25 best games -- ranked! -- based on a combination of our individual lists, as well as the audience's. The results are going to be controversial, of course, but we were wise enough to mathematically split things up in such a way that you have yourselves to blame just as much as us. Such is the way of life with Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast. Thank you for your support. Here's to the next 200. (While this episode can be enjoyed as an audio experience, it is meant to be viewed. We hope that, if given the choice, you will watch Sacred 200 as opposed to listen to it. But how you proceed is up to you.) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices