JIS: Is Cinco De Mayo Offensive, NBA Frauds, Jerry Jones

The Josh Innes Show show

Summary: Josh Innes and Jilly open the show playing a few messages from the Talk Back. If you want to leave a 30 second message for the gang, go to the Josh Innes Podcast page on the Iheart Radio App and click the microphone. <br><br>Josh rants about the bullshit suspension of Grizzlies Forward Dillon Brooks. Josh is totally aware he's the only one who cares. He doesn't care. <br><br>Josh is perplexed as to why Cinco De Mayo celebrations aren't cancelled. How is it that white people can run around in ponchos and sombreros and this isn't deemed offensive. <br><br>Jerry Jones got into an accident in a seedy part of town. Was he out trolling for snatch? The gang ponders. <br><br>Once again, the James Harden loses and Josh is having a hard time ripping him.