JIS: Brady, Sex Dreams, Kevin James

The Josh Innes Show show

Summary: Josh Innes and Jilly open the show discussing a message from one of our listeners. The listener says he had a sexy time dream about Jilly. In the dream Jilly felt guilty about her actions. <br><br>The gang revisits the story about the Memphis Weatherman. They are both counting down the days until this guy is inevitably canned. Josh and Jilly both feel like the guy is a moron, but the story is being covered unfairly. <br><br>Tom Brady will be paid $37 million a year to be the lead analyst for Fox upon his retirement. Josh thinks Brady will be mediocre. Josh believes that people don't care about the people broadcasting the games and ponders why these networks continue to pay giant salaries for these guys. <br><br>Tomorrow marks the two year anniversary of the death of Jerry Stiller. Somehow this leads to a discussion about Kevin James and how he's only funny on "King of Queens". How many other people are only funny on one thing? <br><br>Josh thinks Chris Paul is a tool.