Wire Taps 231—China-based entrepreneur, with a 333 GRE. Greek candidate, sports background, no undergrad. Canadian engineer, needs to aim high.

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast show

Summary: This episode of the podcast kicks off with Alex and Graham discussing the Round 3 decisions that are starting to roll out, noting how it’s a much shorter cycle than the prior rounds with rapid turnarounds. Graham then highlights several 'Real Humans: Alumni' pieces, including a CMU / Tepper graduate working at Google, a Cambridge / Judge alum who has landed with Microsoft, a recent INSEAD graduate who chose the Boston Consulting Group, a Cornell / Johnson alumna who also works for BCG, and a USC Marshall alum working Google. Graham also mentioned the first of our Application Overview workshops, scheduled for this Wednesday. Signups are still open at https://tinyurl.com/clearadmitevents. Programs attending this first event are Berkeley / Haas, INSEAD, Yale SOM and Michigan / Ross. As always, the show features three real candidacies selected by Alex - and this week they are all from ApplyWire entries WireTaps goes "all in" on the new application cycle. First up, Alex has chosen a candidate with a 333 GRE, a master’s degree from a “rural ivy” and entrepreneurial (and related) experiences in China. They are seeking an MBA to pursue consulting in the health care space.  Alex and Graham think there is a lot to like, especially regarding the transition to China. This week's second candidate has a very unorthodox pathway to the MBA; this includes not completing an undergraduate degree and experience in the sports industry; they are also from Greece. They do have a master’s degree, and their GMAT is a superb 750. They will really need to execute well on their applications, and fill in the gaps we couldn’t discern. But there are possibilities... Finally, we have a candidate from Canada, with what looks like very strong engineering experience and very decent extra curriculars. Their post MBA goal includes being in Europe, so they are looking at a mix of Euro-based programs and top US-based programs. We think they should take a flyer at HSW and possibly INSEAD, and if they think there is improvement in their GMAT, then retake it. This show was recorded in Paris, France and Cornwall, England. It was produced by Dennis Crowley in glorious West Philadelphia. Thanks for listening and please be sure to rate, review, and share this podcast!