Wire Taps 232—Cyber-security military officer, physics degree. Food scientist, seeking MBA to do good. Top numbers, underwhelming school selection

Clear Admit MBA Admissions Podcast show

Summary: Graham and Alex are back for another Wire Taps episode as Round 3 decisions continue to roll out (this upcoming week includes UPenn / Wharton, Northwestern / Kellogg, Michigan / Ross and Berkeley / Haas). Your hosts discussed anticipation of significant movement on the wait lists over the next few weeks and Graham put Alex on the spot with a question about the application process. Graham then highlighted two Real Humans alumni pieces; the first a Ross graduate working as an Associate at McKinsey, and the second a Stanford graduate working on matters of energy transition and decarbonization for Deloitte. Graham also noted the Application Overview workshop from last week (and what he learned about Haas’s approach to the standardized test), and the upcoming workshop this week which includes CMU / Tepper, Cornell / Johnson, Duke / Fuqua, Upenn / Wharton and Texas / McCombs. Signups are still open at https://tinyurl.com/clearadmitevents As always, this episode includes detailed analysis of three real candidates - with all three sourced on ApplyWire this time.  First up, Alex selects a military officer with Ranger training and a Physics degree. His numbers are very respectful for the top programs, and his experience in Cyber Security appears to be quite interesting. Alex and Graham discuss the dilemma of how a candidate approaches discussing their experience when it is “classified”, noting the importance of sharing the experience’s impact, rather than the identifiable details of the experience itself. This week's second candidate is a food scientist whose aspirations might lead them to the World Food Program. She has a little hurdle to overcome, regarding a failed class during graduate coursework, coupled with a decent-but-not-outstanding GMAT. Let’s hope her nerves don’t get the better of her during a planned GMAT retake. Finally, Alex picks a candidate with great “counting stats” (GRE of 336, GPA of 3.85 and 5 years of experience in the Energy sector) - but a somewhat puzzling selection of target programs, as they target the technology sector in the northeast of the U.S. This episode was recorded in Paris, France and Cornwall, England. It was produced and engineered by Dennis Crowley, the 'Steve Albini' of podcast audio. Thanks for listening and please be sure to tell at least 3 people you know about this show!