S01E91: Crow A Towin'

Behind the SchƎmƎs show

Summary: The Path Between The Original Stoic Shadow of the Triumphant Little Banana Man Check our papers, we're LIT. Winter will soon loosen it's grasp, and there will be time to breath in right before the whole thing goes up. Until then tho, let Behind The Sch3m3s entertain you with glowing movie reviews and a tale of a scientist pulling the trigger. Look into the Eye of the Sahara, see the shared the outcome. It's comes full circle. I think we're outta time. BYO3-DG ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes) If you like what you heard here, check out our revue show! ms. informed NAtion Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s https://www.behindthesch3m3s.com/