S01E92: I Have Become Ruin, The Only Toolbox I Need

Behind the SchƎmƎs show

Summary: Sister Sister 88 Kelvin A Humble Brag Double or Triple Mummy Tonight was the biggest episode of BTS his/herstory! We are joined by the one and only Stephen Spielburg! It was so nice for him to join us and tell us almost nothing about Ready Player 100. Does this manifesto smell weird to you? Later, SirSeatSitter makes an appearance for some pure Mystery Babylon. Amun-Ra, and Awoman. Just have fun, it'll be fun. BYO3-DG ZOSO'S CORNER (Show Notes) If you like what you heard here, check out our revue show! ms. informed NAtion Follow us on Social Sesame at FeedBag (Facebook), Insta-Groan (Instagram) and The Twits (Twitter)! @behindthesch3m3s https://www.behindthesch3m3s.com/