Call ’em Like I See ’em (BONUS EPISODE) ft. TC Benitez & Chris Simmons- LWIL #63

Love What I Love show

Summary: <p>Call 'em Like I See 'em is a new hip hop bonus show where we cover 5 different rappers and discuss if we think they are underrated, overrated or properly rated amongst hip hop. Featuring special guests TC Benitez &amp; Chris Simmons.</p> <p> </p> <p>This episode we are joined by TC Benitez of the You Ain't Shit podcast and Chris Simmons. </p> <p>02:19 Ludacris</p> <p>19:05 Busta Rhymes</p> <p>42:13 50 Cent</p> <p>54:42 Jay-Z</p> <p>01:22:26 Nas</p>