Episode 661: It’s not what you think

Technorama show

Summary: <br> Listen below with the audio player or <a href="https://wp.me/pe53l-1yD">Click Here</a> for complete show notes and video from the show.<br> <br> <br> <br> Feedback<br> <br> Email from John<br> <br> Greetings Chuck Tomasi, brother of Rollo, and Kreg from the house of Steppe.  I hope this communique finds you both well. <br> We are surviving the Snowpocalypse of 2022 in the southernmost state of Carolina.  Our town has shut down due to several hundred ice cubes on the roads.  I have called for local assistance,but I suspect that the Saint Bernard with the first aid kit full of warming spirits will not arrive by the time you read this.<br> One bit of good news:  I was able to negotiate a wonderful deal at a local hamburger establishment.  I ordered two hamburgers at double their advertised price, but was able to convince the restaurant to give me a 50% discount!  What do you think, huh?<br> Take care, be well, and positive vibes to all of you and your respective clans.<br> John<br> <br> QOTW: Which TV show started out promising, but turned out to be garbage?<br> <br> On This Day In History for January 19, 2022<br> This is the 19th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 346 days remaining in 2022.<br> <br> It was on this date in 1883, that the first electric lighting system employing overhead wires, built by Thomas Edison, began service at Roselle, New Jersey.<br> Georges Claude patented the neon discharge tube for use in advertising on this date in 1915<br> January 19, 1937, Howard Hughes set a new air record by flying from Los Angeles to New York City in seven hours, 28 minutes, 25 seconds<br> Almost 72 percent of all television sets in the United States were tuned into I Love Lucy to watch Lucy give birth on this date in 1953.<br> It was also this date in 1978 that the last Volkswagen Beetle made in Germany left VW’s plant in Emden. Beetle production in Latin America continues until 2003<br> That same date in 1983, The Apple Lisa, the first commercial personal computer from Apple Inc. to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse, was announced<br> January 19, 1986, the first IBM PC computer virus was released into the wild. A boot sector virus dubbed (c)Brain, it was created by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan, reportedly to deter unauthorized copying of the software they had written<br> That same date in 1999, British Aerospace agreed to acquire the defence subsidiary of the General Electric Company plc, forming BAE Systems in November 1999<br> <br> Happy birthday goes out on this date to:<br> <br> Scottish-English chemist and engineer, James Watt, born on this date in 1736.<br> Edgar Allan Poe, American short story writer, poet, and critic was born on that same date in 1809.<br> Born January 19, 1813, English engineer and businessman Henry Bessemer.<br> French painter, Paul Cézanne was born 183 years ago today.<br> Born January 19, 1851, Dutch astronomer and academic Jacobus Kapteyn.<br> Jean Stapleton, the American actress and singer was born 99 years ago today.<br> American priest, astronomer, and theologian, George Coyne was born 89 years ago today.<br> John Lions, Australian computer scientist and academic was born on that same date in 1937.<br> Janis Joplin, the American singer-songwriter was born 79 years ago today.<br> American singer-songwriter and actress, Dolly Parton, born on this date in 1946.<br> English singer-songwriter and guitarist, Robert Palmer was born 73 years ago today.<br> American actor and singer, Desi Arnaz, Jr. is 69 today.<br> Also turning 68 today is American actress and singer Katey Sagal.<br> Also born on that same date in 1959,  American computer scientist and programmer, Danese Cooper.<br> <br> Listener Birthdays<br> <br> 21 – Michael Rabalais<br> 22 – TAW012294<br> 23 – Kathie Luke, IL<br>