The Importance of Play and Fun at Work with Host Susan Ney | HR41

HR Inside Out show

Summary: I am not going to bore you with all the statistics on the importance of fun and play in our work environments. I would be just telling you the obvious. I believe these would help with the engagement (or disengagement) dilemma and create a much-needed spark our organizations desperately need right now. When I reflect over the years and my employment at the various organizations I have worked within, what I’ve cherished most - the memories that bring a lovely feeling of warmth within me - are the moments of fun. Although I worked hard and it wasn’t always easy, it is the times of play and laughter that I continue to cherish. Now, given that much of my career involved working in the public sector, expenditure of public funds in play activities was certainly questioned. Working towards attainment of exotic prizes and retreats at expensive spas were never going to be part of anything that could be considered; activities often available to private sector firms just weren’t doable. This fueled the creativity button. Therefore, what could we do to bring fun and play to work without much, if any cost? And, for our listeners working for non-profits, for those of you working for small companies and for you entrepreneurs, hopefully you will gain some ideas that might work for you. Hope you will join us!