Guest Barb Ashcroft on Finding (or Rediscovering) Your Life’s Purpose | HR42

HR Inside Out show

Summary: Barb Ashcroft is a mentor, an encourager, and a thought changer. On the journey of your life, Barb can help with a mid-course correction to multiply the chances for improvement in all areas of your life, whether personal, physical, or your career. She is always looking for individuals with a desire to grow, to change their current ‘normal’. She asks, “Are you ready for some self-development and confidence building?” As a natural leader, she has learned a great deal about mindset, attitude, and positive thinking. With a desire to raise people up to their full potential, she helps shift people’s belief in themselves. She asks “Are you ready to lose your frustrations and fears? As Barb says, “Your mind is your biggest barrier to an optimum life.” Through programs, events, and workshops, she helps her clients unearth what might be holding them back from a more fulfilled, vibrant, and healthy life.