Guest Marc S. Miller on Strategic HR and the Role of HR Technology | HR44

HR Inside Out show

Summary: Marc published his first book Heroic HR in May 2012 - "A little book with BIG ideas" - presenting his passion and philosophy of the need for HR to align itself with the business of the company in which it works; to present strategic, value-added information to all stakeholders and to move from "data management to information craftsmanship". His most recent book, The Death of HR: Who Killed H. (Harriet) R. (Rose) Job? is a cautionary tale and a detective story which provides further insights and actions for all members within the HR workforce. HR Technology, Human Capital Management (HCM) strategies, workforce cyber awareness - all leveraging technology to position HR as a strategic partner - remain a passion for Marc that he teaches, consults, and speaks on. He joins us in today’s podcast to share his “why”, his experience working in this field, and … to let us in on “why the trench coat Marc?”. Hope you will join us.