Guest Melissa Deally – Your Health is Important – Don’t Wait for Your Wakeup Call! | HR39

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Summary: Melissa is a registered health coach and an integrated health practitioner. Originally employed as a business executive in the hotel industry, getting let go when big fish bought little fish and then the reality of both daughters suffering concussions from sports injuries caused her to reassess priorities and refocus on a different journey; one that has led her to her current work. As the quote on the banner that sits behind her in her home office reminds us “Health isn’t everything but without it, everything else is nothing.” Helping others improve their health journeys has become her life’s passion and purpose. And it shows! Words like new found energy, gut health, and dealing with brain fogginess certainly caught my attention! A recent winner of the Quality Care Award, Melissa shares her wisdom through her podcast Don’t Wait for Your Wakeup Call!, her YouTube channel Your Guided Health Journey, and the programs she offers. She joins us today to share some of those invaluable health tips; tips meant to help each of us on our own health journeys.