Happy Hawkeye Day - Fireside Chats Issue 623

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Happy Hawkeye day Firesiders! Before you watch the two episodes that dropped today, make sure you listen to yesterday’s Kate Bishop Breakdown, and after why not check back in for a little more new news! It’s Wednesday so it’s time for those lovely comic-related current events! Features is back again to join Mendte, and Baby Huey to talk about those comic book happenings that you may have missed. The guys talk about the Miles and Gwen Verse, Batman moving to New York City, a new Shazam, first look at Poison Ivy in Batwoman, Young Avengers, Power Rangers, Spider-Man No way Home, and so much more! We are ready when you are. Hit play and welcome to Fireside!