Paso Robles' Tin City. A Visit with ONX Wines' Jeff Strekas

The Connected Table Live show

Summary: Founded in 2005 by Orange Country, CA, entrepreneur Steve Olson, ONX (pron. onyx) cultivates 18 different grape varieties to make its blended wines. The winery’s name is a nod to the onyx calcite in the mineral-rich vineyard soil on the 127-acre estate. Jeff Strekas, Director of Operations &amp; Wine Growing has worked at ONX for almost a decade, and formerly as winemaker. He discusses ONX’s wines and Tin City, an urban wine trail in Paso Robles featuring indie wineries, including ONX. <br><br>The Connected Table SIPS! Podcast is brought to you by Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a> on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>.<br><br>The Connected Table Live Radio Show is broadcast live at 2pm ET Wednesdays on W4CY Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>) on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href="" rel="noopener"></a>).