I Am Woman

The Yoni Codes show

Summary: In this episode Melissa and Katherine discuss how Katherine hesitated in using the word woman in one of our previous episodes. We ask ourselves: * Why did we feel the desire to speak on this topic? * How can we be inclusive while proclaiming our womanhood? * Is it safe to always be inclusive? * Can we claim this space was created just for women? We acknowledge that we may offend some folks who tune in to this conversation, please know with all sincerity our intention was not to hurt anyone. We must advise however that moving forward, regardless of the controversy, we will be unabashedly bold in saying the word WOMAN. Katherine recognizes that when working some birthing families, using the word woman can be exclusive. Katherine does want to note that in her birth education and materials etc. she is inclusive with her language. About the Hosts: Melissa April - Rebirth Guide, Transformational Coach, Psychic Energy Alchemist and Podcast Host Melissa holds sacred space for mamas to reclaim their identity as WOMEN so they can breathe fire, power and magic into their work in the world. Her practice is a blend of both private and group rebirth ceremonies, transformational coaching and alchemical energy work. Her mission is to empower as many women as possible to be seen and heard with the power of their voice and essence. Melissa has been with the love of her life for almost 17 years and they welcomed their beautiful twins into their family in November 2020. Together they live in Vancouver BC Canada surrounded by all the many mountains, lakes, and rivers and ocean. Katherine Blanco - Sacred Birth Keeper, Childbirth Educator, Holistic Reproductive Practitioner, Women’s Circle Facilitator, and Podcast Host Katherine believes that childbirth belongs to women. Her life’s calling is to be a lighthouse for other mothers to find the way back to their innate wisdom. Her holistic practice is rooted in supporting women navigating all facets of their childbearing years. She serves as an in person guide using a variety of holistic modalities, including reiki, reflexology, yoga and meditation. Katherine also offers online mentoring and guidance for women desiring an autonomous birthing experience. Katherine currently lives on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia with her beloved of over 20 years and their four radiant children. Thanks for listening! We are so grateful for you! Continue the conversation with us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theyonicodes/ (@theyonicodes). Join our community of women who celebrate feminine consciousness by merging their divinity and humanity. Together, we unabashedly show up as ALL of who we are in our parenting, businesses, and relationships. If you know someone who would benefit from our message, or enjoy our community, please share using the social media buttons. Subscribe to the podcast To receive updates of new podcast episodes please subscribe on the podcast app on your mobile device. Leave us a review We appreciate your feedback! Ratings and reviews also help others find us. Thank You! Instagram: @theyonicodes: https://www.instagram.com/theyonicodes/ (www.instagram.com/theyonicodes) @themelissapril: https://www.instagram.com/themelissaapril/ (www.instagram.com/themelissaapril) @katherineblancobirth: https://www.instagram.com/katherineblancobirth/ (www.instagram.com/katherineblancobirth) Website: Melissa April - http://www.melissamakeiff.com/ (www.melissamakeiff.com) Katherine Blanco - https://www.katherineblanco.ca/ (www.katherineblanco.ca)