Grappling with Our Gremlins – Those Negative Inner Voices with host Susan Ney | HR37

HR Inside Out show

Summary: Negative self-talk. I suspect you are like me, especially when it comes to how we feel we are being perceived by our worlds. We all pick up on body language, changes in vocal tone, and other indicators that an individual’s words, as one example, may not be an accurate reflection of what they are truly feeling. And… yes, this provides a wonderful playground for those negative voices inside of us. Today we are going to talk about that negative chatter inside our heads. Some call it our gremlins. It’s the stuff that holds us back, erodes our self-confidence and creates havoc in our ability to present as our very best. And I have not yet met anyone who doesn’t struggle with it. In the podcast we explore identification of those gremlins and tools to use to enable a refocus when they are having their fun with us. Hope you will join me!