Guest Charlene Wright on Career Transition, Especially for Creatives | HR38

HR Inside Out show

Summary: In my conversation with Charlene, she noted that people only really get ready for a career transition when they have to and thus find the process something that really shakes them to their core. And that we need to get better at self-managing our careers. Charlene founded SmART Career Solutions (SCS) to recognize and celebrate that a significant number of professionals don’t fit into a traditional service model and that NOT ALL PROFESSIONALS wear a suit or would consider themselves an “average” job seeker. She asks “Are you an out-of-work creative professional that wants a new JOB or wants to build a creative business or both? Do you leverage your creative and artistic skills to your advantage? Are you missing out on better opportunities? Have you married the elements of ‘being creative’, finding meaningful work and generating money?” She offers Job Search Online courses and career coaching if you are ready to leverage your superpower … or at least be willing to be held accountable! And all her work is aligned with her belief that Creatives bring valuable contributions to the workplace and the world. Hope you will join us!