The R&R Show #15 - Top 10 Sci Fi Games

Rahdo Talks Through show

Summary: <p>And now... the latest episode of the R&amp;R show! Rahdo and guest co-host Shea talk board games!</p> <p>To watch this in video form, head over to</p> <p>For more Shea, check or</p> <p>0:00 Intro</p> <p>1:08 What's on Rahdo's Table?</p> <p>5:12 What's on Shea's Table?</p> <p>8:10 Contest time!</p> <p>14:23 Top 10 Sci Fi Game</p> <p>18:04 10. Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition</p> <p>22:08 9. Dune Imperium </p> <p>28:07 8. Cosmic Colonies</p> <p>31:20 7. Nemesis: Lockdown </p> <p>37:11 6. CloudAge</p> <p>40:38 5. Ganymede</p> <p>45:18 4. Black Angel</p> <p>50:13 3. Star Realms</p> <p>54:35 2. Roll for the Galaxy</p> <p>59:46 1. Twilight Imperium</p> <p>1:08:11 Outro</p> <p><br></p>