The R&R Show #15 (extended edition)

Rahdo Talks Through show

Summary: <p>Hey everybody, this is the extra long edition of episode 15 of the R&amp;R show, with an additional 70 minutes of behind the scenes going's on! :)</p> <p>To watch this in video form, head over to</p> <p>For more Shea, check or</p> <p><br></p> <p>0:00 Pre show</p> <p>12:11 Mobile Markets &amp; Cascadia giveaway</p> <p>15:28 More Pre show</p> <p>33:59 R&amp;R Show, Part I</p> <p>1:11:17 Mid-show break #1</p> <p>1:28:25 R&amp;R Show, Part II</p> <p>1:31:53 Mid-show break #2 (BACON!)</p> <p>1:37:15 R&amp;R Show, Part III</p> <p>2:06:08 Post show Q&amp;A</p>