Profiting with Foreclosures

The Real Estate Investing Minute show

Summary: If you have been trying to navigate the best way to acquire and profit from real estate in today's market then you are in for a treat as I sat down with Andy Heller, a good friend, mentor and fellow investor as he shared what he is doing in today's market to profit short term, mid-term and for years to come. On this show Andy discussed how he; • Spends only 2-4 hours per week looking for homes • Leverage the help of banks and REO Agents • Has 4 profit centers to make money on each house • Averages $40k-$70k profit quick turning 25% of his homes • Rents homes quickly and with almost no tenant calls • How to buy foreclosures even if you are strapped for cash and credit This really is one of the best interviews I have had with Andy so make sure you check it out. For more information on the Regular Riches method of investing in foreclosures visit