Stuttering, The Coming Out Story

Proud Stutter show

Summary: After hiding a part of herself for most of her life, Maya reveals things about her stutter she has never told anyone, not even her family. She became an expert at avoiding certain words and passing as fluent, all in the effort to assimilate, fit into societal norms, and succumb to ableist expectations. How did Maya get from doing everything she could to hide her stutter to now embracing it? What happened when Maya started disclosing her stutter for the first time? Find out in the first episode of Proud Stutter with hosts Maya Chupkov and Cynthia Chin. Maya is a proud person who stutters and Cynthia does not have a stutter. Join the journey to changing the conversation about stuttering so it is better understood by society and lifts more stuttering voices. LINKS: For resources on stuttering, visit National Stuttering Association at Email: If you would like to support this podcast, then I would love a cup of coffee: Website: