The Anita Posch Show - Adam Back: Future of Bitcoin and Blockstream

The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network show

Summary: My guest is Adam Back the inventor of Hashcash, that was used as the proof-of-work method in Bitcoin. His work is cited in the Bitcoin whitepaper as well as in the Tor Browser whitepaper. Adam is a seasoned cryptographer with a PhD in computer science and distributed systems. As co-founder and CEO of Blockstream he is building the infrastructure for the internet of the future. Topics:Blockstream's funding and future plansDecentralization of miningGreenlight: Lightning nodes for everyonehow Bitcoin supports green energyStarlink vs. Blockstream satellitesBitcoin R & D and innovations in AltcoinsInflation bug in BitcoinSimplicity: Bitcoin smart contractsStrategies to de-risk ETFs dangers to BitcoinHow to make more bitcoin out of your bitcoinDeFi on BitcoinWhat Adam Back is doing in his spare timeThe Future of Blockstream and BitcoinHow Bitcoin has changed Adam Back Shownotes on the episode page