Whats Wrong with Wolfie Discusses | Star Trek The Next Generation

What’s Wrong With Wolfie? show

Summary: <p>Welcome to Whats Wrong with Wolfie Discusses, a deep dive which we plan to do after we finish each year of the 90's. For our first episode we sat down and discussed Star Trek: The Next Generation.</p> <p>we chat about the crew, our favourite episodes and some of the people behind the show. Chris also shows off his extensive knowledge of Star Trek and Rich enjoys a nap while we manage to also mention most of the other shows and films! Be warned there are some spoilers to some episodes and films mentioned in this podcast.</p> <p>If you enjoy the show and would like to support us a rating or review would be amazing and if you want to come and chat to us about anything you can find us on twitter or Facebook @wolfiepod</p> <p>Links for some of the things Chris mentions in the show:</p> <p>Doug Drexler - www.facebook.com/570346103/posts/10157774528331104/</p> <p>Trekyards - www.youtube.com/c/Trekyardswebseries</p> <p>Larry Nemecek - www.youtube.com/c/LarryNemecekTrekland</p> <p>Ronald D Moore on twiiter - @RonDMoore</p> <p>Captain Edward Jellico on twitter<strong> - </strong>@STDeltaShift</p> <p>Art: Richard Elsey</p>