1991 Movies - The Addams Family | Akira | Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

What’s Wrong With Wolfie? show

Summary: This episode brings new technology to the show as we now broadcast in stereo!!! Our rookie editor finally figured out how to do this so we hope your ears will delight in the higher quality of the show. Who knows what else he will find out as he fumbles his way through the editing software. This week we delve into the movie world of 1991 as we discuss Oscar winners and top grossing films of the year as well as our picks and a lovely mix of films we have chosen for you, Akira, The Addams Family and Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves are all discussed and Rich brings another stellar beer to the show. If you like what you heard and would like to support us then please give us a like on Facebook, Subscribe to us on your podcast service or give us a follow on Twitter @wolfiepod Art: Richard Elsey Music: Daniel Ward @danwardtweets