1992 Music & Video Games - Super Nintendo | Global Gladiators | Zool

What’s Wrong With Wolfie? show

Summary: If there's one thing we all agree on is that as you get older, the worse you become at retro video games! This weeks show touched upon the music of this year before we got into the video games of the year. 1992 saw a lot of action in tis market but we decided the most important areas to chat about were the launch of the Super Nintendo, Mick & Mack's Global Gladiators and Zool! Thank you for listening, we really appreciate it, and if you did or didn't enjoy this episode then please let us know by giving us a review and subscribe on your podcasting service or get in touch with us on twitter @Wolfiepod or email us at thewolfiepod@gmail.com You can also find us individually on twitter at: Jason - @GamerJasonUK Rich - @Dreamcastbarber Chris - @ChrisHughes1984