1993 Movies - Groundhog Day | Super Mario Bros Movie | Aladdin

What’s Wrong With Wolfie? show

Summary: Welcome to 1993, where the 90s were starting to really establish itself in films and throwing away the shackles of the 80s.  We had a look through the top grossing films in the UK of 1993, Rich tries to catch up in the originally titled awards game and we all brought our favourite film of 1993 to chat about! Thank you for listening, we really appreciate it, and if you did or didn't enjoy this episode then please let us know by giving us a review and subscribe on your podcasting service or get in touch with us on twitter @Wolfiepod or email us at thewolfiepod@gmail.com go check out the website at wolfiepod.com and you can also find us individually on twitter at:  Jason   Rich    Chris