94.) Summit Sessions #29: 30 Miles. 10k' Gain. 13 Years Old. The Lake Placid Ultra 9'er with Eleena Toukatly

The 46 of 46 Podcast show

Summary: This week I'm bringing to you another story from an amazing young woman doing amazing things out on the Adirondack trails. Thirteen year old, Eleena Toukatly, is now the youngest and only teenaged finisher of the Lake Placid Ultra 9'er. She's also already an Adirondack 46'er. What were you doing at 13 years old? This week we go through her entire story of her Lake Placid Ultra 9'er peak by peak and get the full scoop of the day. Spoilers, it ended with a Stewarts victory milkshake!<br><br>If you want to support the show and you enjoy what I do with this podcast head over to <a href="http://www.46of46.com" rel="noopener">www.46of46.com</a> or visit <a href="http://www.46of46store.com" rel="noopener">www.46of46store.com</a> to pick up a t-shirt, hoodie, hat, sticker, and more. I appreciate all the support.<br><br>To learn more about the Lake Placid 9'er visit <a href="http://www.LakePlacid9er.com" rel="noopener">www.LakePlacid9er.com</a><br><br>As always use the promo code "46podcast" to save 15% off your order at <a href="http://www.PureAdirondacks.com" rel="noopener">www.PureAdirondacks.com</a><br><br>Pick up some Campfire Blend steeped coffee packs for your next camping trip at <a href="http://www.RecessCoffee.com" rel="noopener">www.RecessCoffee.com</a> and save 10% with the promo code "recess46"<br><br>If you're in the market for a new tent check out <a href="http://www.CruaOutdoors.com" rel="noopener">www.CruaOutdoors.com</a>