Osher Günsberg

influencers! show

Summary: <p>Well-known TV presenter Osher Günsberg has a great passion and in-depth knowledge of all things cycling.  </p> <p>In the first episode of Influencers, we explore how Osher first became interested in cycling, how his cycling passion changed after he became a husband and father and a sought after media personality.  </p> <p>We take a journey through his experience overseas in the Netherlands, how the country made the decision to become a healthy transport nation and why he thinks Australia hasn't been able to make the same decisions.  </p> <p>We also discuss how cycling and exercise have played a role in his physical and mental health and he shares how his current endeavours involved on the board of the national cycling advocacy leader We Ride Australia, and his passionate support as an ambassador of World Bicycle Relief bring self-fulfilment.  </p> <p>Lastly, we explore all the things we can do to grow cycling and micromobility in 2021, and Osher shares why he thinks safe separated cycling infrastructure is the most important solution to transport issues and the future of people movement in major cities. He finishes off with his grand vision for cycling and active transport in the future encouraging everyone to get back on a bike. </p> <p>To watch the video version of this interview, visit the <a href="%E2%80%9Chttp://www.micromobilityreport.com.au/influencers%E2%80%9Dhttps://micromobilityreport.com.au/influencers/osher-gunsberg-interview/" target="_blank"><strong>Micromobility Report website.</strong></a></p>