influencers! Episode Two Preview Charlie Farren

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Summary: <p>On 1st September 2021, the next episode in the Influencers! series will be released with Charlie Farren, wife of the late Paul Farren who passionately collected bicycles from bygone eras, to establish the iconic Farren Collection.   </p> <p>As we walk through the history of cycling, Charlie talks about her past, her involvement in AusCycling and the Amy Gillett Foundation, and her instrumental influence in starting some of the great events in Australia, including her proudest achievement, the Great Victorian Bike Ride.  </p> <p>In this preview of the upcoming Episode Two, Charlie talks about her personal bike collection and how it forms part of her overall 'smorgasbord of transport' solutions.   </p> <p>Subscribe to our channel, to watch the full episode on 1st September 2021 or visit to find out more.</p>