Charlie Farren

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Summary: <p>Melbourne-based Charlie Farren has spent a lifetime riding bikes and also encouraging many others to ride.</p> <p>She’s the founder of iconic mass participation cycling events including Around the Bay in a Day and the Great Victorian Bike Ride.</p> <p>Charlie has also volunteered her considerable organisational skills as a director of both the Amy Gillet Foundation and Cycling Australia, now AusCycling. As president of what was then Bicycle Victoria, she played a key role, assisted by her late husband Paul and others, in transforming what was once a tiny, cash-strapped organisation into one of the largest cycling organisations in the world and was awarded life membership for her services.</p> <p>Supporting Paul, Charlie co-created and now oversees the Farren Collection, one of the world’s best collections of vintage bicycles.</p> <p>She has brought optimism, enthusiasm and a wonderful dose of British eccentricity to all of these many and varied roles. I’m sure you’ll be entertained and encouraged by Charlie Farren.</p> <p><strong>To watch the video version of this interview, visit the </strong><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Micromobility Report website</strong></a><a href="" target="_blank">.</a></p>