How tech is inspiring cultural shift in hospitality | Steve DiGioia talks to Engati CX

Engati CX show

Summary: <p>Engati is the world’s leading multilingual Digital CX platform. It is a one-stop platform for powerful customer engagements. With our intelligent bots, we help you create the smoothest of customer experiences, with minimal coding. And now, we’re even helping you answer your customers’ most complicated questions in real-time with Engati Live Chat.</p> <p>Website: Blogs:</p> <p>Check out our CX Library- CX Community page : YouTube Interview series: SoundCloud Interview series: Spotify Interview series:</p> <p></p> <p>Steve DiGioia, Customer Service Crusader, Author, &amp; Trainer, talks about how can brands attract and retain committed customers during a severe customer service crisis. He also throws light on how can technology inspire a customer culture shift within the organization.</p> <p>Check out the 200 CX Thought Leaders to follow for 2021 - </p> <p> Follow us on- Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Instagram:</p> <p>Talk to us:</p> <p>#EngatiCX #CX #AI #customerservice #customers</p>