PipemanRadio Interviews Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist

Pipeman in the Pit show

Summary: On this episode of the Adventures of Pipeman, Pipeman speaks to Andy LaPlegua of Combichrist. Andy explains how busy he’s been over the enforced break from the pandemic, Two singles and an album on another project on top of 4 singles for Combichrist this year and a podcast! He says it’s the perfect time to write music and says it’s the first time he’s gone to the studio with clear intentions. Andy also speaks about his recent change of scenery, basing himself in New Smyrna Florida which has a very different lifestyle from the mountains. CombiChrist’s new single comes out early September and he describes it as more electronic and wraps up how he felt about the last couple of years. Andy also reveals this is the first time working with someone new on writing songs! Combichrist’s tour starts on 9/19 and you can learn all about it via their socials @combichrist on Instagram and Combichrist official on Facebook.<br><br>Pipeman in the Pit is a music and interview segment of The Adventures of Pipeman Radio Show (#pipemanradio) and from The King of All Festivals while on The Pipeman Radio Tour. The live show is broadcast live on W4CY Radio (<a href="http://www.w4cy.com" rel="noopener">www.w4cy.com</a>), W4VET Radio, and K4HD Radio - Hollywood Talk Radio (<a href="http://www.k4hd.com" rel="noopener">www.k4hd.com</a>) part of Talk 4 Radio (<a href="http://www.talk4radio.com" rel="noopener">www.talk4radio.com</a>) on the Talk 4 Media Network (<a href="http://www.talk4media.com" rel="noopener">www.talk4media.com</a>). This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting (<a href="http://www.talk4podcasting.com" rel="noopener">www.talk4podcasting.com</a>).<br><br>Pipeman in the Pit features all kinds of music and interviews with bands &amp; music artists especially in the genres of Heavy Metal, Rock, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Goth, Industrial, Alternative, Thrash Metal &amp; Indie Music. Pipeman in the Pit also features press coverage of events, concerts, &amp; music festivals. Pipeman Productions is an artist management company that sponsors the show introducing new local &amp; national talent showcasing new artists &amp; indie artists.<br><br>Then there is The Pipeman Radio Tour where Pipeman travels the country and world doing press coverage for Major Business Events, Conferences, Conventions, Music Festivals, Concerts, Award Shows, and Red Carpets. One of the top publicists in music has named Pipeman the “King of All Festivals.” So join the Pipeman as he The Pipeman Radio Tour to Life right before your ears and eyes.