Episode 153 Redefine your Normal...Starring Jennifer Burke-Hansen

James Sturtevant Hacking Engagement show

Summary: Imagine a high school girl from Texas deciding to venture to Denmark as an exchange student. Talk about a culture and a climate shock. I’m describing the young Jennifer Burke-Hansen. What’s interesting about Jennifer is that she became enchanted with this tiny nation of 6 million on the scenic Jutland Peninsula. So much so that she’s resided there for the last three decades and taught high school for the bulk of her stay.<br><br>Jennifer embodies the growth mindset. She continually pushes herself outside of her comfort zone. Teaching school is hard enough in your hometown. Imagine teaching in a different culture where the students don’t even speak your native language. <br><br>The challenges of returning to in person instruction this fall is making many anxious. Jennifer is here to help. She’s offering free training entitled How to create your personalized back-to-school reEntry plan! Just click on the link to access. Here’s also a post from her reEnchanting Teaching Blog. The post is titled Redefine your Normal. I love this idea and we talk about teaching in the post-COVID world a lot in this episode. I also love the theme of her blog reEnchanting Teaching. I was a successful teacher, but there were seasons in my career where I had doubts. Jennifer’s blog addresses questioning educators. You’re not alone and Jennifer is here to help.