Episode 12 - Bobba

Quarterlife Quandary show

Summary: <p>what a day, rugrats, pingdemic, the riddlers, mysterious stranger, spongebob, talking in memes, alt tiktok, digital wellbeing, popup toast, aarons notifications, blink 182 where horribly right, it gets better, collectables from childhood, pokemon, beanie babies, pogs, katies weird pictures, collectables crazybones, pollypockets actionman, barbies, legos, hotwheels, geomag, bo burnham, physiology, algorithms, hq trivia, growing with the internet, unfiltered internet access: lemonparty meatspin tubgirl baldheadinpussy onemanonejar bme, learning that history is whitewashed, being older then google, askjeeves, vistamaps encyclopaedia Britannica, floppy disks, youtube was a dating app, faceparty, bebo, wayback machines, dialup, habbohotel, dreamjob, things before we were 30, why are malteaser round, ice is a rock means water is lava, is lava wet?, eating chalk, rolling chalkboards, petrol flamethrower, chewing things as a child, email tip, knowing random shit, tinder is for womens validation, should i start an onlyfans?</p> <p><br></p> <p>Chatting about all topics of life, friends, family, relationships, current events, past experiences and anything between them in the Quarterlife quandary.  Keep up-to-date with our socials and podcast platforms  <a href="https://allmylinks.com/qqp%20">https://allmylinks.com/qqp </a><a href="http//quarterlifequandary.co.uk" target="_blank">http://quarterlifequandary.co.uk</a></p> <p>The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious and should be viewed as comedic satire</p> --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/quarterlifequandary/message