Keeping You Motivated, Accountable, and Connected EP09

Soul Inspired Decisions show

Summary: Bring to lights the greatness in you. That’s what this is all about. So today's episode I want to talk about: Keeping you, motivated, accountable and connected, especially now that we are officially halfway through our year. What are you proud of? It’s a forward movement, what did you take action on this year. What 3 actions have you moved on this year. Even for me, I was taken aback by the question. My first thought is nothing, my kids are still alive and well, but then as I scan through the month, Oh I did do a 30day coldwater shower challenge, and 30 days of skipping, I have realized that I launched my very first 5 week series for moms to help them see their true strengths and reconnect with confidence. So I would say that's a big win.