Heather Logan Kelly on Bags of Love and Knit2Gether

The Garden Outreach Project show

Summary: <p>Heather talks to Sarah about how she became involved in two of The Garden’s national projects: Bags of love and Knit2Gether. Heather belongs to the tiny ecclesia of Langlois on the Oregon Coast, and yet the four members joined in the Bags of Love project in donating sleeping bags to their local homeless charity: The Devereaux Center. Heather also explains how she has been knitting items to donate to Indian Reservations.</p> <p>More Info:<br> <a href="https://thegardenoutreach.org/national-projects/knit2gether/">The Garden Outreach Project</a><br> <a href="https://www.thedevereuxcenter.org/%20">The Devereux Center</a></p>