Episode 10 - Gaugan

Quarterlife Quandary show

Summary: <p>podcasting attire, congratulations pride, paranormal events, phantom sock puppets, deja vu, warning from a dead father inlaw, sensing a parents death, visited by a dead grandparent, dead patient records disappearing and reappearing, gut feelings, Yakut not the occult, mighty boosch, tony Harrison impressions, moon face, crack fox, 20:00 what popular show havnt you watched, breaking bad, game of thrones, line of duty, gogglebox ruining shows, movie trailers, showing you the best part, coming up on this show ruins it, neighbours fan, feeling like an old person, cross stich, sudokus, 24:00 what would sound like as a pokemon, instagram photoshots, gimbles, multishoots in one location, big titty goth girls, simpsons reference, randomly taking photos of people, humans of new york, covid groundhogs day, hypocrisy of covid regulations, football stadium but no theatres? not getting to see family, lack of government tough decisions, red list delay is pointless, both vaccines and still getting covid, critical of government covid curtains to remove civil liberties, vaccine harry potter sorting house, death covid vaccine, milking the time off for vaccine, magneto for covid, bill gates is checking my location, 44 knock off items, fake gpus, os, adidas, nikes, puma, dvds bbguns carboot sale - blackmarket, 45 nvidia gaugurn paint to pictures, do you think your turning in to your parents, doing art on a podcast, not wanting to parent like your parents, aarons thoughts, try to be a rainbow in somebody elses cloud, a persons behaviour has more to do with them then it does with you, if opportunity doesn't knock build a door, what other people think of you is none of your business, sleeping with a two different people with the same name does not lower your body count, early bird gets the worm the second mouse gets the cheese 99:00, try not to become a man of success become a man of value, what consumes your mind controls your life, dont spend your life spending working when life is for living, nothing is impossible possible is in the word, onlymanits, what podcasts are we listening to? unsolvedmysteries alkisjerico cautionarytales, razr, kids dont know their born. </p> <p>Chatting about all topics of life, friends, family, relationships, current events, past experiences and anything between them in the Quarterlife quandary.  Keep up-to-date with our socials and podcast platforms  <a href="https://allmylinks.com/qqp">https://allmylinks.com/qqp</a>  <a href="http://quarterlifequandary.co.uk" target="_blank">http://quarterlifequandary.co.uk</a></p> <p>The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious and should be viewed as comedic satire</p> --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/quarterlifequandary/message