June 2021 Round Up

Rahdo Talks Through show

Summary: <p>UPDATE: a new version of the episode is now uploaded that has Shea's segment no longer playing at 1.4x speed. Sorry for the confusion!!!</p> <p>And now... a episode outlining the new games we played in June! If you'd rather watch this in video form: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MfHJLpkWLg</p> <p>3:16 4. Far Away (shea)</p> <p>6:05 3. Too Many Bones (shea)</p> <p>9:29 2. Distilled (shea)</p> <p>14:37 1. Wild Assent (shea)</p> <p>21:15 Dungeon &amp; Kingdom (ryan)</p> <p>22:32 4. Port Royal Unterwegs!</p> <p>24:06 3. Welcome To… scenarios</p> <p>26:33 2. Marvel Champions: Drax</p> <p>28:36 1. Between 2 Castles: Secrets &amp; Soirees</p> <p>31:25 13. Die Tore der Welt: Das Kartenspiel</p> <p>33:54 12. Aqualin</p> <p>36:28 11. Mercado de Lisboa</p> <p>40:18 10. Brew</p> <p>43:37 9. Doodle Dungeon</p> <p>47:43 8. Devil May Cry: Bloody Palace</p> <p>53:54 7. Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade</p> <p>57:47 6. Soul Raiders</p> <p>1:02:19 5. Etherfields</p> <p>1:09:43 4. Imperium: Classics &amp; Legends</p> <p>1:13:12 3. Sheepy Time</p> <p>1:16:27 2. Botanik</p> <p>1:18:58 1. My Farm Shop</p> <p>1:23:39 Outro</p> <p>•••Help Rahdo run @ https://patreon.com/rahdo</p> <p>•••Send your questions to questions@rahdo.com</p>