Fireside Classics: Chatting with Todd McFarlane

Fireside Chats - Comic Book Podcast show

Summary: Welcome to another classic issue of Fireside Chats, Fireside Faithful! As we take a few days to regroup and get ready for next week’s Loki release. We wanted to revisit a very special issue with you. Join Mendte and Mr. Maurer as they partner with Frank Caliendo, John Holmberg, and Scott Long to interview the amazing Todd McFarlane! In this special two-parter issue, Mendte and Maurer pick up where the Caliendo Cast leaves off. Check them out for the first half of the interview where they talk Sports and Success, and come back to us for Comics, Art, and Inspiration. a Huge thank you to everyone involved with the Caliendo Cast for having us on. Welcome to Fireside.