6 Months of Living In Perth... Was It Worth The Move?

Let's Talk Fast show

Summary: It has been a wild and furiously fast 6 months since Amy and I picked up our lives in Melbourne and decided to give it a go here in Perth. We have put the girls through some HUGE changes and for the most part, this little family of 4 (plus a dog) has taken it in our strides and are living a happy life. There have also been some big challenges though and these have certainly challenged both Amy and I, as well as the girls, and so we thought it would be a great time to sit down and talk about it ALL! In this weeks episode you will hear both Amy and I talk about those ups and downs, answer your questions and give a verdict on whether we have enjoyed the move overall and if this will be a life long place for us to settle down and call home. I hope you enjoy the podcast and as always, please hit that SUBSCRIBE BUTTON to make sure you never miss any future episode and please consider leaving a 5 STAR RATING and POSITIVE REVIEW as it would meant the world to me. Join the tribe and become a NO BREAKFAST CLUB member today and receive a brand new workout each week, access to 3 LIVE Zoom sessions each week and access to the my VIMEO on demand workouts that you can do in your own time. Anyone can join and all you need to do is CLICK HERE to find out more and sign up today to join the team! Contact The No Breakfast Guy: Instagram: @the_no_breakfast_guy Website: www.thenobreakfastguy.com Email: info@thenobreakfastguy.com YouTube: www.youtube.com/thenobreakfastguy