Pride Month Meets Grace and Truth: Episode 697

The Boundless Show show

Summary: Healthy conversations with homosexual friends, plus responding to rejection in dating, and when your crush works at your church.      Featured musical artist: John Waller Roundtable: Grace-Filled Conversations With LGBT Friends Back in February, our panel shared how same-sex attraction has impacted them and those they know. The panel returns this week to discuss how to have healthy, grace-filled conversations with those who identify as LGBT. Especially relevant now during Pride Month, their ideas provide a framework for loving our SSA family members and friends while still standing for biblical truth.  Homosexuality Resources Book: Is God Anti-Gay? by Sam Allberry Book: Loving My (LGBT) Neighbor by Glenn T. Stanton Culture: Rejection in Dating It’s one of the worst parts about dating: getting rejected. You invest so much emotional energy and put hope in the process — only to have it all come crashing down. Kait Warman is the host of the Heart of Dating podcast and has lots of experience with overcoming rejection. In this candid conversation, she shares how to manage your emotions when you’ve been rejected and what it looks like to find your identity in Christ.  Inbox: Church Staff Crush He recently moved to start an internship at a church. It just so happens that one of the girls on staff has caught his eye. Is it too soon to make a move? How can he get to know her without coming across too strong? Lisa Anderson offers advice.