Celebrating #700: Episode 700

The Boundless Show show

Summary: A special tribute to our fans on episode 700, plus more about intentional friendships and dating, and why won’t guys ask girls out? Featured musical artist: Love and the Outcome  Roundtable: It’s Our 700th Episode After more than 13 years, Boundless is now 700 episodes strong! To celebrate, we asked you, our fans, to send in your comments about ways our show has helped you navigate the ins and outs of adulthood. Listen in for some fun testimonials from Boundless listeners as well as a few favorite memories from Boundless staffers.      Culture: Intentional Relationships (Part 2) As a single adult, your life is full of opportunities to cultivate life-giving relationships. Whether it’s making good friends, searching for a spouse, or preparing for marriage, it’s a wonderful time to lay a solid foundation for your relational future. Dan Houk and Kris Swiatocho are passionate about helping Christian singles build healthy friendships and date well. In part two of our conversation, they explain something called “intentional friendships,” show how to move from friendship to dating, and outline what a healthy dating relationship looks like.     Inbox: Waiting for Him to Make a Move She’s noticing a pattern in her circle of friends: A girl really likes a guy, but he won’t ask the girl out. Is it wrong for girls to hope guys will change their minds? If not, how long should a girl wait? Josh Zeichik weighs in.