Overcoming a Porn Addiction (Part 2): Episode 692

The Boundless Show show

Summary: Getting real about the dangers of pornography, plus Greg and Michael Smalley on guys and relationships, and advice for relating to your parents. Featured musical artist: Hollyn  Roundtable: When Pornography Controls You (Part 2) According to Barna, over 60% of Christian men say they’ve viewed pornography within the last month. But before you ladies start pointing fingers, statistics also show that an increasing number of Christian women are falling prey to sexualized content and entertainment, whether online pornography or more subtle and insidious offerings like the Fifty Shades franchise. With such a pervasive problem, how can people find true freedom? In part two of a two-week discussion, our panel discusses how porn affects men and women differently, and what it means to truly defeat porn versus simply “managing” it.       For a free counseling consultation, check out Boundless.org/counseling Culture: How Guys Do Relationships (Part 1) It’s a common perception that guys are less competent at relationships than girls. But what if that’s not the case? Marriage experts Greg Smalley and Michael Smalley compare the ways men communicate to a set of tools, and give some insights on how to use those tools efficiently. They also get real about the trials and errors of learning to communicate with the women in their lives. And ladies, if you’ve ever wondered how to talk to guys, you’ll want to tune in.       Inbox: Having a Healthy Relationship With Your Parents When you become an adult, maintaining a mature, respectful relationship with your parents can be a struggle. So how do you do it? Lisa Anderson weighs in with some practical tips.