Breaking Into the Job Market: Episode 693

The Boundless Show show

Summary: Landing a great job, plus more from Greg and Michael Smalley on guys and relationships, and should your parents be involved in your love life?    Featured musical artist: Covenant Worship  Roundtable: Finding Your Dream Job One of the most intimidating journeys is the job search. You want that dream career, but questions churn in your head: How do I get hired? Will I nail or fail the interview? Will I be told I need more experience? To help settle the questions and bring practical advice, we brought in a team of hiring experts. As professionals on the lookout for great recruits, they’ll discuss how to job-hunt, network, interview, and stay positive when you feel discouraged in the process.       Culture: How Guys Do Relationships (Part 2) It’s a common perception that guys are less competent at relationships than girls. But what if that’s not the case? Marriage experts Greg Smalley and Michael Smalley compare the ways men communicate to a set of tools, and give some insights on how to use those tools efficiently. They also get real about the trials and errors of learning to communicate with the women in their lives. And ladies, if you’ve ever wondered how to talk to guys, you’ll want to tune in.       Inbox: Parents’ Involvement in Dating She’s in her second dating relationship, but Mom and Dad always want to offer advice. It’s to a point where it feels like they’re “helicopter parents.” How can she get some peace and privacy? Counselor Jenny Coffey offers ways to respect yet set healthy boundaries with parents when you’re in a dating relationship.