Making Nucleus Splits (85)

Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm Podcast show

Summary: [ a tip on bees vs calendars] In the full episode: Back in Episode 66 (another Patron-exclusive podcast) we covered how to make a "Nucleus Split" according to the recipe over at The Apiarist blog. The Nucleus Split has been my split of choice this particular Spring. Most times it goes swimmingly! Other times, split gets real. ;-) Either way, it gives excellent results in a split that can be used to make one or multiple new colonies -- all without risking your mother colony. Thank you to every Patron who keeps this podcast going! kind regards, Leigh   -- Please become a "Friend of the Podcast" on Patreon and join the folks who make the podcasts possible! In addition to huge gratitude, you get: • BONUS podcast or early access episode every month! • Access to Patreon • blog posts including "Tip of the Week" • Special Q&amp;A posts to ask me questions about YOUR bees • Input on the podcast topics • Shout-outs on the show because I appreciate you!    You can support this podcast you are able to share $1 or up a month, please sign up today: <a href=""></a> -- About Beekeeping at Five Apple Farm: Leigh keeps bees at 3000' in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with around a dozen-ish stands. Hives are managed for bee health with active selection for vigor, genetic diversity and disease resistance. The apiary is self-sustaining (not needing to buy/catch replacement bees since 2010) and produces honey and nucs most every year.