Overcoming a Porn Addiction (Part 1): Episode 691

The Boundless Show show

Summary: Getting real about the dangers of pornography, plus Joe Rigney on winning the war against lust, and spouse-hunting in a different culture.    Featured musical artist: Lara Landon  Roundtable: When Pornography Controls You (Part 1) According to Barna, over 60% of Christian men say they’ve viewed pornography within the last month. But before you ladies start pointing fingers, statistics also show that an increasing number of Christian women are falling prey to sexualized content and entertainment, whether online pornography or more subtle and insidious offerings like the Fifty Shades franchise. With such a pervasive problem, how can people find true freedom? In part one of a two-week discussion, our panel shares their stories of pornography addiction and the sad and sneaky ways the culture enables sexual bondage. Culture: It All Begins With Lust When Joe Rigney was first exposed to pornography, he never imagined it would lead to a decade-long addiction. But once he gave sexual sin a chance, it settled in his heart for the long haul. When Joe got engaged and was on the verge of jumping into full-time ministry work, he experienced a big wake-up call. In this insightful conversation, he explains how choosing obedience started him on the long road to freedom. Inbox: Cross-Cultural Spouse Search She’s just moved to a new continent and is looking for a church to meet guys. However, she feels like her chances of finding a mate in her new home are slim. In such a scenario, what can she do? Lisa Anderson weighs in.